Services provided

Evaluations, Therapy, Consultations

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluations- This comprehensive evaluation examines a child's innate strengths, information processing skills (auditory, visual, processing speed, etc.), academic functioning in three broad areas, executive functioning skills, and social emotional functioning. The goal is to provide information useful to parents, teachers, and other team members, with specific recommendations that take advantage of the individual's strengths.


Individual/Family therapy- one of the primary reasons that a child is referred for therapy is that functioning within the social, academic, and/or family environments is being negatively impacted by emotional or behavioral difficulties that the child is experiencing. The goal of therapeutic intervention, then, is to assist the child and family with identifying strategies to help the child better manage emotions and determine factors underlying behavioral disturbance such that these can be addressed. The family is a crucial component to any therapy with a child, and is always involved in the therapy process.


Floortime(R) - children who have been identified on the autism spectrum or as having difficulties associated with this disorder often benefit from DIR/Floortime (R) intervention.  This therapeutic developmental approach is designed to help children communicate more effecitvely, connect and engage in more purposeful and pleasurable ways with others, and to develop stronger problem solving and reasoning skills such that they are able to interact with others more easily and with greater intentionality. I am a DIR (R) certified therapist, with Profectum and ICDL, and enjoy the process of helping children and parents develop stronger, deeper, and more positive relationships using the Floortime (R) approach.


Other assessment options-


  •  Admissions Testing- for private school application purposes, this evaluation is designed to provide concise overview of a child's innate strengths
  • ADHD specific evaluation- comprehensive assessment of the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of ADHD, as well as an examination of other factors that can lead to the presence of these symptoms (i.e., anxiety, depression, sensory processing disorder)
  • Social/emotional Evaluation- more thorough assessment of a child's emotional and behavioral functioning, with the primary goal being to identify appropriate treatment options and recommendations
  • Autism Evaluation- focused on evaluating the symptoms associated with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, with the goal being to identify appropriate diagnostic formulation and appropriate treatment options



  Parent consultations:  Clinical/diagnostic interview with parents to determine what, if any, services could be beneficial for your child, and to problem solve with parents regarding strategies to utilize in the home environment

  • School consultations:  Typically involves an interview with parents, a behavioral observation of the child in the school setting, and a brief interview with the teacher to determine what strategies might be helpful in increasing the child's overall success at school.